The NIKKI Group has established a long-term trust relationship with the textile industry’s cooperative factories, and has realized the “NON-STOP” production system.

Breaking the routine of sewing factory (sewing ~ delivery), the NIKKI Group has effectively realized “high quality”, “high efficiency”, “high value added” and “development capacity” by establishing a friendly relationship with the cooperative factory boasting the knitting and material development ability and advocating the “NON-STOP” production system having the routine of material development, enterprise painting, production and delivery.The general material development and production is accomplished by the division of labor in the cooperative factory within the industry.

The time required for production refers to “the time required for material production +α+ the time required for stitching” and the loss(+α), and the time required is affected by the delivery management for a long period of time. Our company can not only control the value of “+ α” but also control it to “0”, successfully reducing the production time.

Stable production is being maintained without passive adjustment of delivery period during production.

01. Planning&Development

According to customer requirements for material development, product planning, design. The design of a modern, production style book and extended to the production line.

03. Sewing

According to various specifications and the requirements of the use of the most suitable sewing machine and sewing technology to choose the staff to carry out sewing.

02. Cutting

Using ultra-high precision CAM (automatic cutting machine), according to the characteristics of different products, the use of manual work to determine the material.

04. Inspection

Each production link for the most complete quality inspection, to ensure product quality and safety. From packaging to the final production link, all the staff involved in the meticulous work.